DIY Upholstered Headboard and Slipcover

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This project intimidated me a little bit because of the size of the headboard and the cost of the materials, but it ended up being a lot less daunting when I actually was in the midst of this DIY. I was pleasantly surprised at how much easier upholstering my own headboard was than I thought it would be.  This took me probably 3-5 hours to make a queen and two twin sized headboards while watching two kids and taking lunch and water breaks.

+ Staple gun and staples (I have a cheap one like this, but my hand was killing my by the end of the project)
+ Plywood
+ Fabric (I used April Rhodes Indigo Window Crystal for the queen and Two Daughters floral for the twins)

1. Cut the plywood to size.  I taped off the headboard size on the bedroom wall to make sure it was the size I wanted. I measured the taped off area and got it cut at the store. The queen is about 5'x3'. I used some of the extra pieces of that plywood for the twin headboards.

2. Lay out the egg carton on the board (I did most of my work with the board leaning on a chair and moving it around so I could go back and forth between the front and the back)
3. Lay out the batting over top of the egg carton.  I added a couple of extra layers of batting around the edge so it was a little more padded.  On the twin beds I was able to wrap the egg carton around it and that would be my preference on my next piece.

4. Staple a couple of times on each side to make sure it's secure and then staple every inch or so all the way around to make sure it's really taught and secure.
5. Lay the fabric down on the ground and put the headboard on top.  Staple a couple of pieces on each side and check the front to make sure it's wrinkle free before going back around and stapling ever half inch or more.
If you chose your final fabric to use on the last step, then you're all ready to hang.  I like to make life a little complicated sometimes, so I wanted to make a slipcover for this.  I have messy kids and we sometimes like to have dinner and movies in bed.  I knew that making a slipcover would make my life easier in the long run.  I originally was thinking of doing something that was kind of like a fitted sheet, but finally came up with this little idea.
6. Put fabric wrong side out on the headboard and pin at the corners and mark where you're going to sew.
7. Sew the corner.  I have no official training and not exactly sure how other people would do this.  I just folded and sewed in a straight line. It looks great so winging it is okay.
8. Sew the velcro strips in various spots around the bottom three sides of the fabric. On the queen, I put a velcro in the middle section, but it isn't really necessary.
9. Attach the remaining velcro strips to the plywood and voila, you're finished with the slip cover.
10. Fold the bottom corners and safety pin it together (this will allow you to take it off easily)
11. Hang using french cleat.


Life With Ida : 11 Months

11 months, wow! This year has flown by.  I can't believe how much Ida grows each month, and this last one has been a good one.
Ida has started to say some of her first words. She says "wow!" a lot. I love how her mouth squishes up so tiny while she's pronouncing the word. Ida also started saying "Mama".  One evening she said what we thought was mama while she was looking at me, but we weren't sure if she was actually trying to say it. The next morning, she was crying while I was rushing to get her a bottle and she whined then said "Mama" right when I laid down to cuddle with her. Ida says it a lot when she is hungry and wants food, so I think 'mama' might mean food to her instead of my name.
Ida has been pulling up and cruising around like crazy. She also loves to crawl around quickly into Cora's room or to try and get away from us. Ida giggle squeals and crawls away as quickly as she can. The girls love to 'chase' each other around the first floor and I love when my home is filled with their screams and laughter. When standing, she practices squats and is slowly building her leg strength.
Ida is basically my shadow. She needs to be with me at all times and when she isn't, she'll crawl to wherever I am (or cry). She always tags along when I'm gardening, working out, cooking, cleaning, etc. I love our quiet time together and love what a comforting presence she always is.
I'm shocked that my next Ida update will be for her first birthday! This last year has gone so quickly and so much has happened, but it also feels like Ida has always been here and she fits perfectly into our family. I love this sweet babe and her constant surprises.


Ten on Ten : Working From Home

Recently, I've been working from home on Wednesdays... Wednesday wasn't the 10th, but I took the challenge to find 10 different moments to capture throughout our day since work is usually same old same old. Wednesdays are one of my new favorite days in the weekday and I love my extra cuddles with my girls and the extra energy to go on adventures.

1. sneaking out of bed to start working / 2. cuddles with the babes / 3. getting a little work help

4. Playing dress up with my Grandma's old jewelry / 5. Coloring / 6. Lunchtime trip to Sam's Club

7. Sleepy snacks / 8. Drawing creatures / 9. Exercise companion / 10. Our new walking trail


Graffiti Inspiration

I'm always gathering inspiration (hello Pinterest), so our trip to graffiti tunnel was no exception. I love seeing what color combinations the artists use, and the different patterns they add into their work. I love the saturated colors and I'm really feeling the redish magenta color that I saw a lot of down there... especially paired with turquoise and coral. I also love seeing previous works peeking from behind the new stuff and the peeled parts where you can see just how many layers there are.


Walks With Cora : Ault park

When my friend Jazz came to visit, we made a little stop at Ault Park.  Ault park was a favorite place for Cora and I to visit when we lived over in Oakley and we visited when Jazz was in town two years ago. Ida loved sitting at the fountain and watching her sister wading into the water.

Cora was tired from our little trip to the graffiti tunnel, but was reenergized when she heard she was allowed to put her feet in the fountain.  This was always her favorite thing to do after our hikes on Ault's trails. This park holds so many sweet memories with Cora, so coming back here will always be special.

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