Back in the day, one of my Sunday school teachers told us our role during Lent wasn't just about fasting or giving something up, but preparing ourselves and our homes for Jesus.  I remember we made a paper chain of 40 'good' things we could do to prepare for Jesus.  We wrote things like: help parents out, clean room, be nice to siblings, etc.  The thought was that we would tear off one of the paper links each day and complete the task.  The shrinking chain would give you a visual of Easter approaching (similar to an advent calendar for Christmas).  I'm not sure if I ever completed any of the tasks from the chain (I know I didn't do the 'clean your room' link), but the thought stuck with me all this time.

This year I decided to make a list of 40 things that I can do during Lent.  I've only listed a little more than 20 things so far, but I'm getting there.  The list ranges from doing something one time to once each week, or maybe an overall goal for Lent.  While some of the acts may not be something centered around religion (i.e. crafts, projects, dinner), I will make a point to pray, listen to worship music, or have God-centered conversation during that time.



  1. That's an awesome idea!!! Are you going to post it?

  2. Post the list? If you're interested, sure I could post it.


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