Life With Ida : 6 Months

Can't believe Ida is already 6 months old!!!  I finally feel like we're hitting our groove and I'm loving her at this age.  The last week or so she has been sick with a pretty bad cold and a double ear infection.  She hasn't been sleeping well and crying more than usual, but she's on the mend and getting back to her usual cheerful self.

We've been trying to get out on walks more (#walkswithIda) and Ida loves it.  She's always peeking around to look at everything and is a lot more curious than I was expecting.  She's been spending a lot of time in the Ergo thanks to her cold and I think she is a huge fan.

Ida is always along for the ride and has the best go-with-the-flow personality.  She enjoys naps no matter the time or location and seems to have sleep patterns more like me (early to bed, early to rise) instead of the rest of our night owl family.  Before Ida, I used to enjoy early weekend mornings working on projects and putzing around the house before everyone else woke up.  Now Ida joins me in whatever project I'm working on and rides along in the Ergo on my early morning grocery runs.  I love getting to have some quiet one-on-one time with her before the rest of our family wakes up.  
We started her on solids over the last month.  She has enjoyed everything we've given her except the peas/pear baby food but who really likes that anyway?!  She's really into watching us eat and wants to try whatever we're having... yup, that's my daughter!

She's still quiet, but a really happy baby.  I love her smiles more than anything and she's always up for a cuddle.  We've been so lucky to add such a sweet baby to our family and I'm so grateful for the joy she adds to our life.  I'm looking forward to watching her grow and change in the coming months.

 Ida Rue, I love you!


Life With Ida : 5 Months

5 months already?!  Ida is growing fast and it is so fun to watch how different she is from Cora.  I think it's pretty natural to compare, but we really try to focus on the good qualities.  We were discussing how Ida may be a little harder to comfort when she gets upset, but she rarely cries or gets upset. Ida has a go with the flow attitude and is really mellow.
There are so many little things that she does that I always want to remember... 

... the smile she gives when she sees one of us looking at her.  She gives huge smiles when she hasn't seen one of us for a while.  I always love to sneak in and watch her before she notices me, then watch her face light up when she sees me across the room. 
... how she always scratches her fingers against sheets, clothes, or pretty much anything she can get her hands on. 
... how she cat naps all day long.  She is the best sleeper and sleeps through pretty much anything.  For a while there she was sleeping almost all the way through the night, which is something this working momma really appreciates.

... the way she sticks her little pointy tongue out. 
... how practices blowing raspberries when nobody is watching.
... her love for her pacifier.  She doesn't get fussy much, but the paci calms her right down.

... the way she globs on to you when she cuddles. She loves being draped over my chest or napping in my arms whenever she gets the chance.
... how we can spend the whole day together and she barely makes a peep the entire time.  I feel like we truly enjoy each other's silence and time with Ida almost feels like alone time.
... how her first real giggles were at her big sister being goofy and most of her chuckles are when her sister is getting in trouble.  
... the love she has for Cora is adorable.  Watching their love for each other is one of the sweetest things I've ever witnessed.  

Happy 5 months sweet Ida Rue!  I couldn't imagine our family without you.


Happy Valentine's Day!

I would have loved to do some holiday pictures this year, but I didn't have my stuff together due to the baby, move, and going back to work.  I'm finally starting to hit my groove a little bit, so I got everything together to have a little Valentine's day photoshoot.  Cora loved helping me set up the decorations and picking out what they were going to wear.  My camera battery died after like 5 photos and the girls lost interest pretty quickly while the battery charged.  We had fun, so I'm happy we made the effort.

 Happy Valentine's day friends! 
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