Wisconsin : Sunsets

Sunsets are my love language and Wisconsin sunsets on the dock are perfect.  A couple of the nights were rainy or my phone died, but I did what I could to capture the beauty.


Wisconsin : Dock Time

Our afternoons at the cottage are spent swimming, hanging out, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, and soaking up the sun out on the dock.  The water was pretty cold this year, but we made sure to swim almost every day.  It took Cora a little bit to warm up to the water, but ended up loving it.  She loved swimming around with Ben and playing with her small rock collection on the dock with her Uncle Rob.


Wisconsin : Exploring and Dreaming

Every morning, I'd wake up early to work for a couple hours before Cora woke up.  Once she woke up, we'd spend an hour or so just putzing around the lawn/dock before everyone else woke up and our day really began.

I'd watch her explore and I'd dream...  I'd dream of all of the fun times we had as children vacationing at the cottage.  I'd dream of her enjoying our family vacation spot as she gets older.  I'd dream of her running around and swimming with her future siblings and cousins.  And I'd dream of the years to come and all of the family vacations we'd have at this spot.

It was just a small patch of the day that Cora and I could spend together in the peace of the morning, but it was one of my favorite parts of our vacation.
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