Our Home One Year Later

It has been one year since we closed on our house! My to-do list is pretty long, so I kind of feel like I haven't gotten that much done... Until I look back on these before pictures and realize how the house has changed so much. We're loving our home and working on projects.  Even one year later, we're still adjusting to the new area and vibe of this town. We're finding new favorite spots, meeting new people, and learning new things about our town every day.
To see some updated pictures of our home, you can check out my posts on the exterior, kitchen, living room, dining room, entryway, kid's room, and the master bedroom. The living room (now partially gym) and dining room (now studio/messy room) have changed a little since I last shared pictures, but they're all works in progress. It has been fun spending the last year working on projects and really making this space into our own. One year down and many more to come...


Baby Bookworms II

Some of our favorite books this month...
If I Were A Lamb - This is one of Cora's old favorites and now it's back in the rotation since Ida got one for her birthday. Ida likes touching all of the different textures and Cora likes counting the sheep on the last page.

If I Were A Monkey - Ida also got this for her birthday and she LOVES the furry tummy page. Both girls are fans of these books so I'm thinking of getting some of the other books from this series for Christmas... Like If I Were A Dog or If I Were A Giraffe.

LMNO Peas by Keith Baker - This is an alphabet books with pictures of the peas doing lots of different activities.  Cora is into this one right now and seeing what each Pea is up to.

The Cloud Spinner by Michael Catchpool illustrated by Alison Jay - This is about a boy that can spin thread from clouds. The King sees the boys awesome scarf and demands he make the Royal family a bunch of garments, but the overuse of the boy's cloud spinning results in a drought. There is a happy ending and a great lesson to be learned from the story. I think Cora picks this one because it is one of our larger books, but we all enjoy reading it and I love the pictures.

Lois Ehlert's Growing Garden Gift Set (This set includes Eating the Alphabet, Planting a Rainbow, and Growing Vegetable Soup) Cora got these gardening books for her birthday and she is obsessed!  Eating the Alphabet has a glossary in the back with a bunch of different fruits and vegetables, their origin, and a description. Cora really likes for me to read this part to her and I've learned new things about different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman - The bunny family finds Wolfie on their doorstep and Dot (the daughter) keeps trying to remind her parents that he might eat them all up. It's a cute little story and I love the illustrations by Zachariah OHora

and because it wouldn't be October without having some kind of Halloween themed book...

Wee Witches' Halloween by Jerry Smath - This is a quick little book about witches trying to scare people on Halloween. It makes Cora giggle and it gets us in the Halloween spirit without being too spooky. 


Life With Ida : 13 Months

What a big month! Baby girl is a walking machine.  Ida doesn't always feel confident enough to walk when I put her down, but she practices every chance she gets. She loves when we chant "Go Ida!" when she is walking and will usually stop to dance a little bit when we're cheering her on.
Ida had her first sleepover this month and is sleeping almost all the way through the night most nights. We're going to transition her into her bedroom soon. As excited as I am to get my own bed back, I'll miss her cuddles in the middle of the night. What I won't miss is when I go to the bathroom at night or wake up early for work, Ida wakes up and follows me. When she crawls after me, she reminds me of the girl from The Ring and scares the crap out of me every single time.
Ida has all four of her front teeth growing in. They're all crooked and cute and remind me exactly like Cora's teeth when they grew in. Ida reminds me more and more of Cora. When I look back at pictures of Cora, I'm just seeing pictures of a bald Ida. I know they may resemble each other, but they're personalities are so completely different.
Baby girl is curious and is always trying to get into something. We never needed to baby proof our old place, so this is a whole new territory. She's always looking into our bathroom cabinet, clothing drawer, and pretty much anything she can get her hands on. Ida loves to push her sister's buttons by taking away some of her toys or teasing her with them.
The first year of her life, Ida spent most of her time being quiet and observing, but now it feels like she's really pushing her way through. She joins in screaming and rough housing. We went to the park the other day and she walked around playing with Cora and exploring the different playground features.
I'm so exciting for the upcoming holidays and to watch as Ida really experiences them for the first time this year. I can already picture her making her "oooooh" face at all of the holiday lights.
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